PvP Tournament Broadcast Set

Conceptual Approach:
This startup gaming company located in Frisco, TX needed a commentator’s set for live online broadcasts of video game tournaments to Twitch TV. The design concept was based in the PVP logo design, utilizing the distinct angular shapes and layers of the logo to evoke a dynamic background setting with light boxes that could change colors according to the color scheme of the video game being played. The design is a unique take on the traditional video game broadcast set in the conversational arrangement of the commentators and host as well as the adjustable moveable consoles recessed in the desk which maximized flexibility in the equipment arrangement at each viewing station.
The original design was created for a 2000 sq ft space, which was then modified to fit into a 400 sq ft interim studio space for building renovation.

Concept Design by Sarah Martin.
Digital Rendering by A. Finn Boulding.

Live Entertainment

Broadcast Set Design