Sarah E Martin


As an artist and designer I am primarily concerned with process: how multi-disciplinarity can shape the approach to traditional design processes, and how traditional design processes must change and adapt to function within multi-disciplinary and devised work. To that end, I try to engage in a diverse range of projects that consistently challenge and inform an understanding of process.

As a teaching artist I believe that it’s my job to collaborate with students in the development of a creative toolbox that will expand and evolve for their entire creative lives. Some of the tools are tangible skills for the theatre: drafting, working with paint or wood, building models, etc. But a great deal of these tools are less tangible and require advanced modes of awareness and consideration: collaboration, self-evaluation, depersonalized argumentation, resource recognition, presentation. My hope is that every student gets on a path toward developing clarity about which tools are needed for each individual project, an ability to utilize them, and the resourcefulness to seek and synthesize innovative ideas and solutions among a broad range of potential collaborators. It is my hope that students are energized by the unique challenges that are presented when creating theatre, and that they approach the process of experimentation and exploration with abundance and enthusiasm. In my 15 years as an educator I have had the privilege of working with middle and high school students in New York City at the Professional Performing Arts School, and as an Assistant Professor/Resident Scenic Designer in program at Adelphi University in Garden City, NY. Currently, I am an Assistant Professor and Scenic Designer for Department of Human Communication and Theatre at Trinity University in San Antonio, TX.

I am a resident designer for F*IT Club, a New York City based creative collective that develops and incubates new work in theatre, film and television. I have presented scholarly work on various topics related to process, collaboration, and the use of media in performance at the Entertainment Innovation Conference, Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE) and the Kennedy Center-American College Theatre Festival (KC-ACTF, Regions 1 & 2). I am a proud member of United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT) and the Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE), and a board member of Waterwell Theatre Company, a New York City-based group of theatre artists who develop new work of social and political relevance.


  • Scenic Design
  • Devising
  • Project Management


  • model building
  • drafting
  • AutoCAD (2D
  • medium proficiency)
  • drawing (hand)
  • basic Photoshop
  • basic Illustrator
  • basic Publisher
  • Excel
  • Word