The Triangle Factory Fire Project

This devised work was the product of a year-long investigation into the working conditions that led to the Triangle Factory Fire and the social, political, and legal changes that resulted from this historic event. Our research explored the historic and contemporary developments in sweatshop conditions, immigration, labor unions, and policy, in the hopes of answering the essential question: How far have we truly moved beyond the circumstances which led to the Triangle Factory Fire?

This work was generously supported by Adelphi University and presented as part of the Department of Theatre season in April 2010. Co-directed by Associate Professor Maggie Lally and myself, we sought to explore how the inclusion of design/technology students in the devising ensemble itself would advance the emergence of the story and the world of the play, and hoped to develop an overall collaborative structure for devising that could work within our academic calendar, theatre season, and multi-venue performing arts center. In the process we discovered a great deal about how to work with the unique support systems of the AU faculty, production staff, shops, and student crews. It is worth mentioning the incredible creative resources of Jared Klein (Technical Director), Sara Nelson (Production Manager), Valerie Light (Paint Shop Supervisor, freelance scenic designer, experimental artist du jour), and Jill Destefano (Costume Shop Supervisor).

Adelphi University

Devised Design, Directing